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Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy

We offer chances for orders cancellation before dispatcher or goods exchange in case of any mix-up or complaints as long as they are in a safe condition. Often, we receive exchange mails due to error in size, colour or state of goods during delivery.

It is important to note that we accept free replacements within fourteen working days from the time you receive your order. If you have any reservations on your orders, kindly contact us through our email hello@the or click the contact link in our menu options and follow the process stated there.

We also provide refunds in some instances. We refund you for returns made only after the goods have been checked and confirmed to be in excellent condition. Hence, there is no refund for goods still in transit. The terms for demanding a refund are

  • Your orders are not sent out within 60 days of purchase.
  • You purchased the wrong item.
  • Your orders are damaged on arrival.
  • Suppose you are dissatisfied with your order and wish to send it back. In this case, the recipient bears the return shipping cost, and the goods must be in the same state they were upon arrival.

We also refund you shortly after you are confirmed eligible for demanding a refund. Usually, it takes two to seven working days for payments to be processed. We send refunds out through the recipient’s order payment means.

Late Refunds or Missing Funds

As soon as your application is approved, we make payments and send you a notification mail. Before sending in any complaints, kindly

  • Confirm your bank account history for that month

Sometimes, you may not receive a credit alert of your account due to omissions from financial institutions. A statement of account reveals your credits and debits details, and through this, you can locate if a refund has been sent to you.

  • Check with your Credit Card Company or financial institution

It may be due to network issues on their part. Also, make sure it is the same credit card you used for payment.

If the problem is not due to any of the above, fill out the application form below. We will get in touch within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Note: We send refunds out through the recipient’s payment means (usually the credit cards used).

Shipping and Returns

Returns can only be made through an official complaint sent to our mail that contains details of the state of the goods and the reason for returns. Such communication must be made to our email within a reasonable time, and recipients bear the cost of returning the goods.


Can I Return A Bag for A Shoe?

You may only return goods if they are not in good condition as arrival, or delivery is not made within 60 days from the date of purchase, or a wrong item has been sent to you. In the absence of any of the above, you cannot make a return. The only exception is where the product comes short of your expectations. Your application is approved; you can return such product and may use your refund to purchase goods of equivalent value or bear additional costs.

The easiest way would be to cancel your order before it has been shipped out and order for a shoe instead.

Do I Need A Receipt to Make A Return?

Yes. Although we have records of all transactions with us, the receipt is evidence of payment and a means of identification.

Do I Need an ID?

No, if you have a receipt. However, we may request a valid ID to confirm your purchase with us in the absence of it.

What If the Credit Card or Debit Card I Used for the Purchase Is No Longer Active?

If this is the case, kindly send us a mail alongside your application.